Amanda Palmer performs Bright Eyes’ “Lua” on ukulele in bed…


can we just


*stays alive just in case things get better*

Holy goals…

Holy goals…


Steam Powered Elevator, St Petersburg, Russia


The finished “Fall Flower Fairy” dress and crown. I like how this dress turned out, I think it’s really cute and it makes me happy! Hopefully i’ll be able to get proper photos of in a pumpkin patch or someplace autumny. 

The whole thing was made in a week from chiffon, organza, tulle, and sixty dollars worth of fake flowers. It was really easy and fun to work on.

I have three blog posts that about the process of making this, they can be viewed here. I also have three videos about it posted here!


Stephanie Soulexpression


Stephanie Soulexpression

Gym and kitties fixes all feels. Per usual.

Can ONE thing go right today??? At my wit’s end with this…


Valentines morning in Seattle. Our cozy cabin on a lake.